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Ohio’s Public Records Act

Under the Ohio Public Records Act (Ohio Revised Code 149.43), any person may request to inspect or receive copies of public records maintained by a public office.

The Ohio Public Records Act defines “public records” as information stored on a fixed medium (tapes, emails, photos, films, videos, papers, etc.), that is created or received by, or comes under the jurisdiction of a public office, and documents the duties of the public office (the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the office). A public office has no obligation to create new records, store records on a particular media, provide duplication of voluminous files, or provide internet access to electronic public records.

While the Ohio Public Records Act favors access to records maintained by a public office, the law also provides exceptions to protect certain information from mandatory disclosure. Some common exceptions to the required disclosure of public records include:

  • Student educational records
  • Medical records
  • Employees’ personal information (such as social security numbers, medical and beneficiary information, etc.)
  • Criminal History information obtained from law enforcement databases
  • Confidential law enforcement investigatory records (CLEIRs), which may include names of uncharged suspects, confidential sources, or investigatory work product
  • Security and infrastructure records used for protecting or maintaining the security of a public office (such as its computer, electrical, mechanical, or security systems, etc.)
  • Certain confidential trade secrets (such as business or financial information, etc.)
  • Records prohibited from being released by state or federal law

Making a Public Records Request

To submit a public records request, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 740.588.1285 or email or mail the Chief Human Resource Officer at the College. If mailed, please send it to:

  • Chief Human Resource Officer, Zane State College, 1555 Newark Rd., Zanesville, Ohio 43701

Any documents identified as responsive to your public records request will be provided within a reasonable period of time following the request The amount of time will depend upon the number of records requested, the location of the records, the medium in which the records are stored, the need for legal review, and the need to redact non-public information.

Fees and Other Charges:

There is no charge for viewing (inspecting) public records. Copies of public records may be charged at the following rate:

  1. Copies of public records may be charged at a reasonable fee.
  2. Paper copies.
  3. Downloaded computer files on a compact disc or flash drive or other forms of document storage.
  4. Electronic records sent via e-mail to the requester at no charge.
  5. Requesters may have copies of records mailed to them by paying the actual cost of postage and mailing supplies.