Counseling Services

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As a student, you may experience a range of issues that can create barriers to learning and your overall success. These could include things such as increased anxiety, alcohol/drug problems, trouble adjusting and difficulty concentrating. As these stressors increase, it could interfere with functioning and making everyday decisions. Zane State College offers free counseling services to assist you with any needs you identify. Contact the One Stop for Student Services in College Hall for more information. Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30am to 6pm.

Counseling services are available to all students and is completely free! Counseling is a great way to meet with someone in a supportive setting to start the process of reaching your goals. There is no formal referral form, so students can schedule at anytime. 

Throughout the year, students receive helpful information about mental health awareness and education, ways to promote good mental health and resources on and off campus. Information may be given in a number of ways including at orientation, classrooms and emails. Heather Merry, ZSC's Student Support Counselor, is a licensed counselor available for individual and group counseling on campus as well as consultation.


Suicide Awareness

If you or someone you know may be having thoughts of suicide, there are resources available to help. Information on Suicide Awareness

Warning signs are observable behaviors that can indicate to you that there is a concern.

Common warning signs include:

  • giving away important items 
  • increasing the use of alcohol or drugs
  • expressing feelings of hopelessness
  • social withdrawal
  • talks or writes about death/dying
  • a decline in responsibilities to work/school/relationships
  • expressing feelings of depressed and or anxious mood
  • a change in personality


Risk factors may increase the chance that a person may try to take their life.

Common risk factors include:

  • a diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar
  • serious or Chronic health condition
  • stressful life event
  • ongoing stressors (relationship problems, finances etc.)
  • previous suicide attempts


What can you do: If someone is talking about self harm or is in distress,

  • take threats seriously
  • listen
  • stay calm
  • ask, “are you having suicidal thoughts?”. It is okay to ask this question!
  • be supportive
  • if possible do not leave the person alone, connect with professional help/family/supports that the person identified.

Help is available! Campus Resources: Zane State College provides free on campus counseling to students. Heather Merry, Student Support Counselor, is a licensed counselor for the State of Ohio. She can be reached in many ways that are convenient for you. Phone: 740.588.1293 Email: Walk in: The One Stop for Student Services, College Hall.

Local Hotlines and Resources:

  • Allwell Behavorial Health Services: 740.454.9766 (both Muskingum and Guernsey counties)
  • Muskingum Behavioral Health: 740.454.1266
State Resources:  
  • Crises Hotline: 740.344.5818 (serving Muskingum, Guernsey, Noble, Perry, Coshocton, Morgan counties)

Phone App’s (all free of charge):

  • My3
  • LifeBouy
  • Suicide Safe by SAMHSA                
  • ASK & Prevent Suicide