Summer Series: IT Cyber Security Workshop

Cyber Security Workshop

by Murphie Rambo
Recruitment Coordinator

Think like a criminal and STOP IT.

Join industry expert Will Bailey and me at this  can’t-miss Cyber Security Workshop  that takes place on July 6, from 5-7 p.m., in the Welcome Center in College Hall (or join us virtually). Cyber-attacks have been accelerating worldwide and there is a shortage of trained cyber security professionals out there and a NEED for their skills. Our 1-day workshop will provide insight in the IT programs and Cyber Security Certificate we offer here at Zane State College. With comprehensive and convenient online courses taught by an industry expert, we will review cyber careers and courses we offer starting this Fall.

This workshop is a live training program (remote or in-person) and will require a login for participants. RSVP HERE  by July 1st.