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By Brenda Elswick
Coordinator of Outreach Events and Scholarships


“I hope you know this scholarship is a huge help in my journey of achieving my academic and career goals. Because of your support, I am able to continue taking classes and relieve some of the financial burden from not only myself but for my family as well. I hope to one day be able to spread the kind of joy and hope that this award brought me.”

Each year the ZSC Foundation awards more than 100 scholarships to deserving students who express their gratitude with statements like the one above.

Applying for a scholarship is easy!

Simply visit zanestate.edu/scholarships and fill out the online application. Shortly after, you will receive an email letting you know the additional items that are required to complete your file. These things may include: final high school transcript, transcript from other colleges attended, ACT scores, financial aid results, and a personal statement.

The personal statement should include your academic background, employment experience, career goals, community involvement, interests, and other information you would like considered. This will be blindly evaluated and scored by a committee. This personal statement is the best way for the Scholarship Review Committee to get to know you!

After all items are received and reviewed by a committee, Scholarship Award Notices will be mailed to the students chosen to receive scholarships.

Accepting the scholarship is just as easy! Simply review and sign the Scholarship Award Notice and return to the Scholarship Office with a thank you letter for your donor.

The Scholarship Office plans to host a Scholar-Donor Breakfast this fall which will allow students to meet with their donor or donor representative and express their thanks in person. Our donors love meeting our students and learning about their successes and challenges.

Here’s an example of how applying for and receiving a ZSC Scholarship is worth the time and effort.

Scholarship Recipient                                  Non-Scholarship Recipient

Tuition for 15 credits            $2,685            Tuition for 15 credits            $2,685

ZSC Scholarship                    $1,000            ZSC Scholarship                           $0

Possible Pell Grant                $1,947            Possible Pell Grant                $1,947

Tuition Balance                             $0            Tuition Balance                        $738

Available for Books                  $262            Available for Books                      $0

Remember to apply and submit all required documents by the June 1 deadline at zanestate.edu/scholarships! If you have any questions, please email foundation@zanestate.edu.

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