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Game Design Certificate

Are you looking to enter the workforce of game design? Zane State College offers the training you need.

When you choose Zane State College, you’re trusting us with your future. We don’t take this trust lightly. We guarantee you’ll receive quality instruction delivered by subject matter experts; assistance with building your network and obtaining the career you want; and offering a degree pathway beyond the certificate.

Students enrolled in the Game Design Certificate (GA-C) program will learn the fundamentals of developing games. This program specifically focuses on learning the programming languages and the graphic design skills required for a career in the gaming industry. With the skills, you’ll be able to design fully functional games, develop software, and create website applications. There is a high demand for employees with
these skills. Median hourly wage is $44/hour.

With this certificate, you’ll be qualified for these occupations:
Game Designer, Software Applications Developer (specializing in Java, C#, and Python), Website Developer, and Mobile Applications Developer

COST: $3,900
Costs are subject to change.

Course of Study: GADC_COS_22_23

How Do I Sign Up?

New Students

To sign up, fill out an application here. You will select either of these which apply to you: 

    1. Taking courses for personal interest
    2. Taking select courses to transfer to another college
    3. Taking select courses to qualify me for a new job

Current Students

Please get in touch with your instructor to register for necessary courses.