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Transfer Students

Transfer Policies & Procedures

Transfer to/from an Ohio Public College or University

The Ohio Board of Regents, following the directive of the Ohio General Assembly, developed a statewide policy to facilitate students’ ability to transfer credits from one Ohio public college or university to another in order to avoid duplication of course requirements. The Ohio Board of Regents’ Transfer and Articulation Policy established the Transfer Module (OT36), which is a subset or entire set of a college’s or university’s general education program. The Transfer Module (OT36) consists of 36 to 40 semester hours (or 54 to 60 quarter hours ) of courses in the following areas: English, mathematics, arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural and physical sciences, and interdisciplinary study.

A Transfer Module (OT36) completed at one college or university will automatically meet the requirements of the Transfer Module (OT36) at another college or university once the student is admitted. Students may be required, however, to meet additional general education requirements at the institution to which they transfer. For example, a student who completes the Transfer Module (OT36) at Institution S (sending institution) and then transfers to Institution R (receiving institution) is said to have completed the Transfer Module (OT36) portion of Institution R’s general education program. Institution R, however, may require additional general education courses beyond the Transfer Module (OT36).

Since many degree programs require specific courses that may be taken as a part of the general education or Transfer Module (OT36) program at an institution, students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor at the institution to which they plan to transfer early in their academic career. Because of specific major requirements, early identification of a student’s intended major is encouraged. Advisors at the institution to which a student wishes to transfer should be consulted regarding Transfer Module (OT36) and general education courses and any specific program requirements that can be completed before transfer.

Ohio Transfer Module (OT36) (visit http://www.ohiohighered.org/transfer/transfermodule/modules for most current issue)

Computer Accessible Transfer Information

The Ohio Board of Regents also has established a Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) system in conjunction with a nationwide computerized Course Applicability System (CAS). This combined system enables college and university advisors and individual students to access via computer course transfer potential information at virtually all public (and a few private) institutions of higher education in the State of Ohio and even more participants throughout the nation. In Ohio, higher education institutions have matched standard courses for transfer potential. All public institutions are mandated to investigate transfer potential with institutions from which they receive a set minimum number of transfer students annually.

This Ohio data is available online at https://www.transferology.com/index.htm

Transfer to/from an Independent College or University

Because independent and proprietary colleges may or may not be participating in the Ohio Transfer Module (OT36), transferring credit to/from independent institutions will vary. Students endeavoring to transfer to Zane State College from an independent or proprietary college should schedule an appointment with the Admissions Office and/or the program director of the desired program to determine if credit will transfer. During the process, students will be required to provide transcript information and supporting documentation describing, in detail, the contents of courses taken at the independent college. Students may also be required to take a proficiency test(s). Based on a thorough review of the provided material and proficiency test scores, credit may or may not be awarded. Students transferring to an independent or proprietary college from Zane State College are encouraged to check with that college’s admissions office to verify ability to transfer credit.

Transfer Credit

Prior to official determination of whether college coursework taken at another institution will be accepted and applied toward a degree, an official transcript must be on file in the Registrar’s Office. When course content is similar to a course offered at Zane State College with a recorded grade of D or better, credit will be awarded if taken at a regionally accredited institution. Transfer credit appears as TA, TB, TC, TD on Zane State College transcripts and is not used in computing grade point average. Admission to Zane State College does not guarantee that a transfer student will be automatically admitted to all programs at the College. Once admitted, transfer students shall be subject to the same regulations governing applicability of catalog requirements as all other students. Furthermore, transfer students shall be accorded the same class standing and other privileges as all other students on the basis of the number of credits earned. All residency requirements must be successfully completed prior to the granting of a degree.

A student submitting a transcript demonstrating completion of an associate degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution will be deemed to have completed Zane State College’s general education requirements for an associate of applied business or associate of applied science program. The student may, however, be required to complete additional general education courses in order to satisfy a program’s curriculum.

Transfer students who do not submit an official college transcript from their prior institution should submit their high school transcript or take placement tests for appropriate academic advising and registration. Students who choose to submit an official college transcript at a later date will not be awarded transfer credit and will not receive a refund for equivalent courses currently enrolled in or previously completed at Zane State College, no matter what grade was earned.

The Financial Aid Office requires official college transcripts from all previous colleges attended for students selected for verification due to unusual enrollment history. The VA also requires that any student utilizing Veterans Educational Benefits submit official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended. Failure to provide them will result in ineligibility for federal financial aid and/or Veterans Educational Benefits. Students who apply to a selective entry health program may be required to submit official college transcripts from all previous colleges as part of the application.

Transfer Credit Appeals Process

A student disagreeing with the application of transfer credit by the College may appeal the decision by contacting the Registrar’s Office. If a transfer student’s appeal is denied by the institution after all appeal levels within the institution have been exhausted, the institution shall advise the student in writing of the availability and process of appeal to the state-level Articulation and Transfer Appeals Review Committee. The Appeals Review Committee shall review and recommend to institutions the resolutions of individual cases of appeal from transfer students who have exhausted all local appeal mechanisms concerning applicability of transfer credits at receiving institutions.

Responsibilities of Students

In order to facilitate transfer with maximum applicability of transfer credit, students who intend to transfer from Zane State College to another college should plan a course of study that will meet the requirements of a degree program at the receiving institution. Specifically, students should identify early in their collegiate studies an institution and major to which they desire to transfer. Furthermore, students should determine if there are language requirements or any special course requirements that can be met during the freshman or sophomore year. This will enable students to plan and pursue a course of study that will articulate with the receiving institution’s major. Students are encouraged to seek further information regarding transfer from both their advisor and the college or university to which they plan to transfer.

Transfer of Zane State College Credits to Another Institution

Students who decide to transfer to another college before or after completing a two-year program at Zane State College should check carefully with the receiving institution to determine what transfer credit will be awarded. The exact amount of transfer credit students can expect to receive depends upon the program pursued at Zane State College and the type of program entered at another college.

Transcripts can be requested from the Registrar’s Office online at https://www.zanestate.edu/academics/transcript/. Transcript(s) will not be released if there is a financial obligation to Zane State College.

Zane State College Transient Students

A student in good standing may be approved to take courses at another regionally accredited institution on a transient basis. Zane State College students must complete a “Transient Student Form” available at the Registrar’s Office for each term utilized. The completed form must be delivered to the intended institution prior to course enrollment. Courses taken without an approved form may not be accepted for credit at Zane State College. Transfer credit will be awarded for those approved courses where a grade of “D” or better is earned (with the exception of courses that require a “C” or better as determined by certain programs at Zane State College). Students may not take courses for transfer credit at another institution while on suspension or dismissal from Zane State College. Students may not enroll in courses at another institution for which they have not met Zane State College prerequisites if the intent is to transfer those courses back to Zane State College.