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Transferring from Zane State College to Ohio University

University Info

  • 250+ programs, with 10 online programs
  • Estimated cost of attendance per year (in state): Tuition/fees 12,612, Room/board 11,862. Total 24,474

Transfer Requirements

  • 9+ to qualify as a transfer student (after high school graduation)
  • GPA of 2.0 or higher (some programs have additional requirements and/or higher minimum GPA)
  • Apply here: ohio.edu/admissions/transfer/apply
  • All college/university transcripts required. Fewer than 20 credits=high school transcripts required

Scholarship offerings

  • Competitive, merit-based scholarships
  • Apply by May 15 (recommended by April 1).
  • Have 30 credits with a minimum of 3.5 to be eligible

Contact Info

Veronica Hiner