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Tutoring at Zane State: What You Didn’t Know

There are two incredibly important things you need to know about tutoring: The first is that tutoring is free for any currently enrolled Zane State student. The second is that ZSC did a study right before the pandemic and found that most students who came to tutoring more than once for the same class in a single semester earned a B in the class they were tutored in. Tutoring is for everyone, because putting in the time and effort gets you the results you want!

While those are probably the most important things to know about tutoring, that isn’t everything you need to know. Let me drop some knowledge!

  1. ZSC employs peer and professional tutors. Peer tutors have to pass the course with a B or better before we hire them on as a tutor, and 99% of our peer tutors have been personally recommended for the position by the instructor. Professional tutors know their subject inside out and backwards.
  2. If we don’t currently have a tutor on staff for your class, you can request one! We will find a tutor for you specifically (almost like a personal tutor!).
  3. ZSC tutoring is both walk-in and by appointment. If our current hours don’t fit your schedule, contact us and let us know!
    1. You can schedule an appointment with a tutor here: https://www.zanestate.edu/backup1test/tutoring
    2. Walk-in hours are in-person every Wednesday of the semester except the first week of class and finals week. These are two hours, 2:30-4:30, that you can stop by to ask a single question or spend the entire two hours with a tutor. It is first come, first served, but an impromptu group study session is never a bad idea!
  4. Finally, ZSC tutoring offers both in-person and distance options. Some tutors only offer distance tutoring (i.e., Zoom), some tutors offer a mix, and some are solely in-person. If you’d like to schedule a particular type of appointment, there’s a Notes box to include that information for your tutor when you schedule your appointment. The tutor will reach out to you with any follow-up information required. If you’d like to “walk-in” from a distance, please reach out to me and I will set that up!
    1. In-person tutoring takes place in College Hall in the Tutoring Rooms CH 161A-C! We’re down by the President’s office in the hallway with TRiO. If you’re lost, look for Betty, our impeccably dressed mannequin.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, compliments, or fun facts, reach out to me, Emily Stainbrook, at 740.588.4426 or estainbrook@zanestate.edu.

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