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Welcome to Zane State College!

We are thrilled to be celebrating your major milestone of 2022: beginning college at Zane State! We are so excited to have you as part of the ZSC family. Our team is ready to help you onboard as a new student at Zane State College. Below are the next steps to ensure your success.

Sign in to Your ZSC Account

Activate at To check your email, download the Outlook App to your phone, or access it

Register for Classes

You’ll meet your faculty and fellow students while deciding on your class schedule. Register for the July 12th event. This event will begin in Health Science Hall, Room 300, and begins promptly at 5 p.m. and will last two hours.

Are you a fully online student, or are you unable to make it to the in-person date?  Please call us to make arrangements at 740.588.1321.

Technology Requirements

All students will need their own computer. Your cell phone will not be an adequate substitution.

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Discover a Potential Fall Schedule

New Student Resources

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