Class Placement

Class Placement

Students of all ability levels are accepted at Zane State College. To help us determine which classes to put you in, we need to know a little bit about your academic skills … this is called “placement.”

You need placement for both math and English, but it doesn’t have to come from the same source. You can use any combination of transfer credits, ACT scores, and Accuplacer scoresto determine your placement in math and English. See below for options.

Transfer Credits

For each college transcript you send to us, you’ll receive a Transfer Credit Award Letter in the mail. If you receive credit for college-level math or college-level English, then your placement has been determined in that area.

ACT Scores

To use your ACT scores as placement, we look at whether you’ve met the college-readiness benchmarks (set by ACT) in math and English. If you scored at least a 22 in math or an 18 in English, then your placement has been determined in that area.

Note: ZSC does not require the ACT for admission.


If your placement in math and/or English hasn’t been determined by transfer credits or ACT scores, then you will take our placement test, called the Accuplacer. This untimed, no-pressure test gives us an idea of your academic skills, ensuring that we sign you up for classes that are perfect for your skill level. Once you’ve taken the math and/or English portion of the Accuplacer, then your placement has been determined in that area! To sign up for the Accuplacer, click here or call the Testing Center at 740.588.1323.

Note: If we can determine your placement with transfer credits and/or ACT scores, but it’s been several years since you took college courses or the ACT, you may still want to take the Accuplacer for a better understanding of your current academic skills.