Inside the NRC building, a traditional classroom offers a space for students to present their proposals for entrepreneurial eco-tourism ventures to an appreciative audience.

Hands get dirty, and horizons expand, at the Natural Resources Center, where the student themselves articulated the Center’s mission:

To provide educational experiences focused on outdoor recreation and the conservation of our natural resources.

Courses, projects, and activities at the NRC include:

  • Site plan development using GIS
  • Wildlife habitat and population work - food plots, selective mowing, nest boxes, population studies, site sampling, etc.
  • Forest management - timber stand improvements - selective thinning, vine removal
  • Fish management - population studies, wetland management
  • Outdoor construction - trail and structure maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Orientation
  • Recreation management
  • Nature interpretation
  • Soil and water conservation

Many groups have enjoyed the natural resources the NRC offers, including…

  • the US Forest Service
  • Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources
  • The YMCA
  • The Boy Scouts of America
  • The Wild Turkey Federation


Directions to the NRC

5185 Newark Road

From the Zanesville Campus

  1. Turn right from Campus drive onto State Route 146/Newark Road
  2. Travel on State Route 146 for approx. 4.6 miles
  3. The Natural Resource Center will be on the right

From Dillon State Park

  1. Turn left from the Dillon State Park Entrance
  2. Continue until you reach a stoplight at State Route 146
  3. Turn right at light
  4. Continue State Route 146 for approx. 2 miles
  5. The Natural Resource Center will be on the left

About the Main Campus (Zanesville)

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