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ZSC at Jenzabar’s Annual Meeting

By Vicki Mitchell
Director of Business Operations

Several representatives from Zane State College attended the Jenzabar annual convention known as “JAM” in Orlando, Florida, the first week of June. Joe Keating, Cindi Swope, Vicki Mitchell, Heather Rognon, and Jeannette Householder spent several days attending Jenzabar One training conducted by Jenzabar programmers, Jenzabar experts, and other schools who shared tips on the best way to utilize the system. Joe Keating attended an executive session to learn about new Jenzabar features and share information about Zane State’s implementation and challenges. Cindi Swope and Vicki Mitchell presented a session outlining how they project managed the implementation during the past 2.5 years. Heather, Jeannette, and Cindi met directly with Jenzabar trainers to problem-solve current issues. On their return, The Zane State Team shared valuable information with their areas. Since the JAM, there have been several meetings with Jenzabar programmers and design engineers to discuss the payroll rollout of online timecards and leave forms. The Zane State Payroll Team agreed to be the first implementors of new features to assist with research and design. An Accounts Receivable discovery meeting was conducted last week with Jenzabar to outline issues in the area that need additional resources and resolution. Overall, it was a very productive JAM!

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