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Removing Barriers and Creating Visit Opportunities

Removing Barriers and Creating Visit Opportunities for the High School Class of 2021

Zane State Offers a Variety of Ways to Access College Admissions

If you are a high school senior who is interested in attending Zane State College, there are many socially-distanced and virtual opportunities to connect. The Admissions team has redesigned the way it communicates with students – and Zane State cannot wait to connect with you.

“Zane State College has responded to students’ concerns by lifting barriers when enrolling for college. This is why the College has taken strides to remove obstacles and streamline the admissions process. Transcripts and test scores are no longer required in order to be admitted to the College and register for classes. This allows students who have trouble accessing old records to alleviate that stress and continue on with the process,” said Recruitment Coordinator Megan Jones.

Zane State also offers a variety of ways students can learn more about the College and walk through the application process.

Campus Visit

Zane State has taken extra effort and precautions to help keep campus visitors safe. Please note, masks are required when on campus. As an added bonus, students will receive a FREE gift when visiting. High school seniors may count any of these activities as an excused absence for a college visit:

  • Admissions Appointment: Schedule an appointment with the Admissions team for a step-by-step guide through the application process. Meet on campus or virtually.
  • Campus Tour: Tour the beautiful campus and updated classrooms and labs.
  • Career Exploration Admissions Visit: Still deciding on a major? This engaging career exploration activity lets students talk with Admissions experts about career choices, lifestyles, and salaries. Plan to spend an hour during this interactive visit. Leave feeling confident and ready for the future.
  • CCP Next Steps: All CCP seniors looking to continue their education at Zane State should attend this personalized meeting that takes the “next step” in enrolling as a traditional student.
  • Scholarship Appointments: Meet with a scholarship advisor to submit an application, get assistance with a personal statement, and learn more about scholarship opportunities. In addition to over 100 scholarships that Zane State offers, 14 eligible 2021 high school graduates will receive $500 in scholarships for tuition or books.

“One of the biggest challenges has been reaching students during the pandemic; however, one of our biggest strengths is the personal touch that we offer each and every student who comes in contact with the College. With the lack of high school visits, we had to reimagine the way we reach out to potential high school seniors,” Jones said. “Zane State has truly evolved to match the needs arising during the pandemic. We have been offering virtual appointments, modified types of visits, and upgraded our communications to include web chat and text. We truly hope to meet the needs of EVERY one.”

Some of the modified types of visits include:

  • Walk-in-Wednesdays: This socially-distanced options allows visitors to talk with an Admissions Representative, and no appointment is required – every Wednesday, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in Student Services.
  • Classroom Visit: Zane State can virtually visit classrooms at high schools for one-on-one, private discussions.
  • Group Visit: Want to bring a student organization, club, or class to campus? Let the Admissions team know how they can help: https://zsc.appointlet.com/.

“While high school students are a primary focus during the spring months, we do hope to reach adults and Veterans as well. We offer several online programs that can lead to a work from home position, training in local and in-demand fields, and flexibility in class schedules. Adult students can also advance their skills and prepare for supervisor/manager-level positions by enrolling in Zane State College’s certificate courses,” Jones said. “The Veterans Affairs Office is also proud to serve those who have served in active duty. To discuss educational benefits, please contact: veterans@zanestate.edu or 740.588.1344.”

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