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By Jody Burchett
Senior Financial Aid Officer


“I don’t have any financial aid.”

How often do we hear this? All the time.

How often is it true? Not that much.

Why do students believe this? It could be as simple as they didn’t ask us for options.

Summer aid is definitely a thing. This year more so than ever. If you are a student using the Pell grant, even if you are just planning to take one class, we can help. ZSC received a special grant for Summer 2021 that allows us to cover the tuition costs that Pell might be missing. And if you are planning on taking a few classes (at least 6 credits) then most any funding you would receive during Fall or Spring should be available.

All you have to do is talk to one of us here in the Financial Aid Office. We can let you know specifically what your options look like, instead of blanket statements and guessing. Not to mention we’re pretty good at work arounds and problem solving and might have some good suggestions on how to beg and borrow (no stealing here) to bridge any gaps in books and materials you may need in addition to tuition dollars.

We’ll let one of the other guest bloggers this week tell you all the reasons Summer classes are awesome, but trust us they’re worth it.

Which reminds us, have you filed the 21-22 FAFSA for Fall 2021? You have to file the FAFSA each year, but you probably already knew that. Since you read this far, consider this your reminder that now is the perfect time to get it done. You’ll give us plenty of time to process it, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to turn in items if needed, and you’ll have plenty of time to register for Fall and know you’re covered.

Then you can totally say, “I definitely have financial aid.”

If you are a current student, let’s talk more about your financial aid at the upcoming Registration Fest:

  • Wednesday, May 5 3-5 p.m.
  • The Campus Center, Room 432
  • Sno Cones, Register for Summer and Fall Semesters, Win Prizes, Get Help with the FAFSA and Financial Aid, Apply for Scholarships and MORE!

If you are not yet a student, stop on by. We would be happy to help! (Please wear a mask while on campus and at this socially-distanced event.) For additional information, email hello@zanestate.edu.

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